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Welcome to patching protocol training video series.

This is video No 3 and we are going to dig deeper into each LifeWave patches Functions.

Let's start with ENERGY ENHANCER patches.

ENERGY patches are a natural way to improve the energy flow in the body without having to use any kind of stimulants like caffeine for example.
First, the most important thing about Energy Patches is that there are 2 of them:
A White Patch
and a Tan Patch
You can think of the White Patch as being POSITIVE
and the Tan Patch as being NEGATIVE.
The reason there are 2 different patches is because the body is divided into bio-electrical zones and there are both positive and negative.
So, we will be applying a White Positive Patch to a positive location on the body and we will be applying a Tan Negative Patch to a negative location on the body.
You will see that most of the time we specify: WHITE TO RIGHT TAN TO LEFT or (WRTL) as a short form.
Also, ENERGY patches have the important function to stimulate Acupucture Meridians or Channels and increase the level of energy flow (Qi).
In later videos we will start talking more specifically on this area.

Lifewave Patches Energy Enhancer

There are 2 type of Energy Enhancer Patches.

Lifewave Patches Energy Enhancer

How to apply Lifewave Energy Enhancer Patches.

Now we are going to talk about ICE WAVE patches.

ICE WAVE are a very unique set of patches to relieve pain. The amazing thing about ICE WAVE patches is that most of the time you would be able to experience a 50% or better relief of pain just within 1 minute.
How is this possible?
Well, ICE WAVE patches like other LifeWave products, are not putting any type of drugs or any type of materials into the body, they simple create a Bio-Electrical effect that is relieving pain, that's why it can work so quickly.
There are also 2 different ICE WAVE patches:
A White Positive Patch
and a Tan Negative Patch
The important thing to point out is that ICE WAVE TAN or negative patches are generally placed directly to the point of pain.
and the WHITE patch could be placed for example at the Sternum,
or also parallel to the TAN patch directly inline at the other side of the body.
We will cover in detail more advanced Pain Relieving techniques in a later video.

Lifewave Patches Ice Wave

There are 2 type of Lifewave Ice Wave patches.

Now we are going to talk about GLUTATHIONE patches.

Simply put, placing a single GLUTATHIONE patch on your body you will get Glutathione antioxidant production from morning to night.
You could research on your own the importance that Glutathione plays in our body which by the way is called "The Master Antioxidant", and it is interesting to point out that researches have shown that by elevating Glutathione levels in your body you will actually elevate the other antioxidants levels in your body as well.
Glutathione is also one of the most powerful materials known at being able to detoxify the body of heavy metals.
Glutathione has a potent effect on protecting the bodies protein structures such as the collagen in our skin.
As we age our immune system becomes weaker and more susceptible to outside invaders. It is well known that Glutathione is a center piece of our immune systems and can help to protect our body from harm and damage.
GLUTATHIONE is a White Positive Patch and is placed generally to a positive location or across the midline of our body.

Lifewave Patches Glutathione

There is one type of Lifewave Glutathione Patch.

Now we are going to talk about CARNOSINE patches.

Carnosine has the remarkable ability of functioning as an antioxidant that protects the interior of our cells. Carnosine also has the unique ability of cleaning the inside of the cells.
This might surprise you because in studies that have been done with Carnosine, what has been shown is quite remarkable; that old dying cells that were supplemented with Carnosine over a very short period of time looked like young and healthy cells.
Another benefit that people experience from using the CARNOSINE patch is a dramatic improvement in Athletic Performance.
By placing a single CARNOSINE patch you will elevate your body's level of Carnosine.
CARNOSINE is a White Positive Patch and is placed generally to a positive location or across the midline of our body.

Lifewave Patches Carnosine

There is only one type of Lifewave Carnosine Patch

Now we are going to talk about SILENT NIGHTS patches.

SILENT NIGHTS is a new approach to improve the quality of sleep without the use of harmful drugs. Simply put, if we could slow down our brainwaves we can produce natural sleep without drugs and that's exactly how SILENT NIGHTS works.
There are several different locations recommended for applying the SILENT NIGHTS patch.
SILENT NIGHTS is a White Positive Patch and is placed generally to a positive location or across the midline of our body.
There are more advanced protocols published on our site specifically for Insomnia, Chronic Insomnia, Snoring, Good Night Sleep, Etc.

Lifewave Patches Silent Nights

There is only one type of Lifewave Silent Nights Patch.

Now we are going to talk about SP6 COMPLETE patches.

SP6 COMPLETE patches are a natural way to control our appetite and it might help reducing cravings.
Also, "A research demonstrated that a single SP6 COMPLETE Patch worn on a specific acupressure acupoint 12hs. daily over a period of 1 week produced a highly significant improvement in the physiologic functional status of the liver, pancreas, kidneys with an average statistical power increased 97% and a very significant improvement in the functional status of the thyroid, intestines and hypothalamus with an average power increased 87% and a significant improvement in the adrenal glands with an average statistical power increased 75%."
A link to download this LifeWave Published SP6 Complete Paper is available at our site.
SP6 COMPLETE is a White NEGATIVE Patch and is placed generally to a negative location on the body.

Lifewave Patches SP6 Complete

There is only one type of Lifewave SP6 Complete patches.

Lastly, we are going to talk about AEON patches.

AEON patches are simply amazing.
That is.
Using AEON patches in a regular bases, what benefits would you receive?:

Well, AEON has a direct improvement on the body's antioxidant system and even we could achieve elevated Glutathione levels with a Glutathione patch and because AEON patches reduce stress, it helps to conserve the body's level of Glutathione so, directly complements the use of the Glutathione patch for example.
This translates into:
- Improved levels of energy
- Reduction in pain and inflammation
- Improved skin quality and appearance
- Reduction in stress and inflammation
- Improvement in organ function
- Improvement in the way you handle stress
AEON complements all other LifeWave patches and wearing them in combination may result in an "Enhancement" of all other patches benefits.
AEON is a White Positive Patch and is placed generally to a positive location or across the midline of our body.

Lifewave Patches Aeon

There is only one type of Lifewave Aeon Patches.

This has been a longer video due to the extensive explanation needed. But before we finish, we would like to make a few important notes:

- Because we do not really understand how LifeWave technology works, that doesn't mean we can't use it. If you think that throughout our lives we are certainly in contact and make use of various technologies that we might not actually comprehend, that doesn't really stop us from using them in confidence.


In other words, we are not suggesting that you should stop any heath plan you are undergoing at the moment, our intention is to equip anyone with a certain level of understanding that a new technology which it could improve or preserve anyone's health is available and it might worth trying it.

Thank you for watching our LifeWave Patches Video.




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