Quick Update - August 2016 - Week 1 – Lifewave Patches Protocols

Quick Update – August 2016 – Week 1

This is a Quick Update for August 2016 - Week 1

Quick Update for August 2016 - Week 1 including interesting topics like: Arthritis, Premature Ejaculation, Schizophrenia and Hydrocele Testis.

Black Book - Chapter #4 - Part 2: Arthritis Per Areas

This week Chapter #4 of our Black Book will include all the Patching Variations Per Areas: Hand, Elbow, Shoulder, Foot, Knee, Hip etc…

A Complete “Collection” of Protocols for Arthritis, Step-By-Step and Area-Per-Area…

Patching for Premature Ejaculation?

That’s an excellent question we received…

Well, I personally had it for many many years so, I’m including a very thorough walkthrough of the possibilities we all have with the patches and other “Synergistic” Options…

Patching for Schizophrenia?

Another really good question we received and defiantly a very Challenging Topic…

So, we are preparing a general overview of how we could even start looking at it, including the TCM Mechanism and some interesting information that might help you look at how we could progress to that stage…

Our internal “Dynamism” sometimes has its “Dark” Side and by knowing what might Trigger certain events, it could help us turn it around beforehand…

The idea here it’s to level things up and find a common understanding on such a complex subject…

I’m extremely excited to be working on this Schizophrenia Special

and you will soon have it available

Hydrocele Testis

Yet, another topic we are working on and we will soon have it published inside our Advanced Protocols Area…

Do You Have Any Specific Question?

Just send us a message HERE with what's in your mind and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer...

I hope you have a great week and I’ll be sending messages once all these updates are published…


Gabriel Diaz Enrico

The Patching Protocol Team

PS: This is a Quick Update for August 2016 - Week 1 including interesting topics like: Arthritis, Premature Ejaculation, Schizophrenia and Hydrocele Testis. All these topics are included inside our Advanced Protocols Area and you can join it anytime once you log on inside your Free Account...

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