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What a Simple Sour Taste Can Tell Us

To me personally, one of the most valuable areas that studying TCM gave me, was a level of awareness of how my body is reacting day in and day out…

I didn’t study TCM to become a Practitioner, that was very clear to me, I studied TCM because I wanted to learn how to solve all the health issues I had and also to apply those concept to my Family…

And today, it’s like a completely new list of options are available to my senses…

Let me explain…

Sometimes we experience a Sour Taste in our mouth, that’s pretty normal I would say, specially if we are under the "Standard" modern Diet and Lifestyle…

However, we don’t really relate that Sour Taste to what might be happening to our body…

You see, everything our body manifests, it’s a “Signal”, so, we can interpret and perhaps do something about it…

Sour Taste according to TCM is usually due to retention of food in our Stomach or also it could be that the Liver is sort of “invading” the Stomach…

It’s like the “Starting Point” of what it could develop later on at a “Deeper” level…

A very important concept to keep in mind…

Now, I’ve personally tested several ways to help my body to “Correct” this imbalance and therefore to check how the body is slowly adjusting and to get a normal or neutral feeling in my taste…

And the patching approach is super simple…

Patching Approach In Case of Sour Taste

Just place 1 pair of ENERGY ENHANCER Patches on Stomach 36 or ST36 - WRTL

Lifewave Patches Energy Enhancer

ST36 is located 4 fingers below the knee and 1 thumb lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia.

The next thing I tested and it did work really well for me is to add:

A single GLUTATHIONE Patch over the ENERGY ENHANCER White Patch also on Stomach 36 or ST36 Right Side.
and also a single SP6 Complete Patch over the ENERGY ENHANCER Tan or Brown Patch on Stomach 36 or ST36 Left Side.

I ran this simple approach many times and what I find is this:

1- My taste always changes, however, sometimes it takes longer than other times to get corrected… so, you will need to run it consistently and experience how it does change for you…
2- Not paying attention to this important “Signal” from my body, it can trigger other issues, specially on my digestive system and/or anything related to it, which it’s pretty much the entire body…
3- It’s very important to check what I consume during the time I’m trying to correct myself, so, if I’m consuming foods that are causing issues to my stomach, I’ll have to review that first, otherwise I’ll be patching and my body will not be able to correct itself and it would be like the patches aren’t working, because I’ll be under a “Vicious Circle”…

I’m trying to correct myself, but at the same time, I’m causing these imbalances again and again by consuming or doing things that aren’t good for me…

And here it’s were I wanted to get into…

A simple Sour Taste is just a common reaction that most of us don’t pay much attention, which according to TCM, it’s a very clear indication that our body could have a major impact in its balance later on…
If you think about it carefully, and this is the reason I’m including this post at our Blog…

Something is creating this reaction in your body and to just patch for it to sort of make it “disappear”, it would be like us trying to “Quick Fix It” isn’t it?…

Well, we can start learning how our body is showing us what to do, make real adjustments on our Lifestyle, as well as our diet, and use the patches to help our body to correct quickly and naturally…

Natural Healing

A True Natural Healing Process

That’s what I found to be a true “Natural Healing” Process…

Not just to try to “Rely” on the Patches…

It is great to have you here, following and learning together this great LifeWave Journey…

I’ll see you back again in my next post then…


Gabriel Diaz Enrico

The Patching Protocol Team

PS: Any reaction you have has a cause and something is actually causing it, by applying the short 4 steps above you might be able to correct almost anything with the patches...

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