Lifewave Energy Enhancer and Fever – Lifewave Patches Protocols

Lifewave Energy Enhancer and Fever.

Suddenly, my wife and I woke up in the middle of the night…

Something was wrong with our baby daughter Mar…

My wife touched her and she was “Burning” in fever…

We tested and yes, she was 39.4ºC (102.92ºF)…

Wow, no time to waste I thought, and the only thing I went for were the patches…

We never patched Mar up to that point, we never had any reason actually, but that night, we had a big reason…

So, I took just one set of Lifewave Energy Enhancer Patches and I placed the White patch at the dorsum of Mar’s Right Hand, at a very important Acupuncture Point called Large Intestine 4 or LI4:

Here you have an image of where Large Intestine 4 or LI4 Acupoint is located:

LifeWave Energy Enhancer White Patches on Large Intestine 4 or LI4 Acupuncture Position

Large Intestine 4 or LI4 is located at the soft area between the thumb and the index finger, at the midpoint of the second metacarpal bone.

Then, I placed the Lifewave Energy Enhancer Tan or Brown Patch at the inner wrist, just inline of her Left Thumb, at another important Acupuncture Point called Lung 9 or LU9:

Here you have an image of where Lung 9 or LU9 Acupoint is located:

LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches on Lung 9 or LU9 Acupuncture Position

Lung 9 or LU9 is located at the wrist joint, in the depression formed at the outer side of the wrist.

We started checking her temperature constantly and this is what happened:

She dropped to 38 plus (ºC), then to 37 plus (ºC) during just 5 minutes

We looked each other with my wife and we shook our heads and smiled…

What a moment…

First child, 4 o’clock in the morning, first time with high fever and zero experience handling or even patching a 18 months old baby…

But it turned out alright…

We stayed awake testing Mar’s temperature till it was time for us to go to the clinic and check what could be happening to her…

She stayed with the patches on all the time and she was stable at 36 plus (ºC)…

The paediatrician asked what the patches were and I explained… well, she looked at me and she said:


I’m personally proud that both my kids have never been exposed to antibiotics or any other type of meds… At all…

We just use the patches mixed with some other modalities which we learned through the years…

I’ve tested the same protocol with others as well and it does help, however, there are several other variations of Protocols for Fever that are really good to know depending on the situation…

You can always explore more our platform and find very useful suggestions for every day situations, specially if you have kids…

I hope you enjoyed this very quick way to use Lifewave Energy Enhancer in cases of Fever and I’ll see you back again in my next post then…


Gabriel Diaz Enrico

The Patching Protocol Team

PS: Lifewave Energy Enhancer and Fever is about patching my baby daughter having high fever with just one set of Lifewave Energy Enhancer aPatches

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