Books Series Using Lifewave Patches – Lifewave Patches Protocols

Books Series Using Lifewave Patches

Book #2 of our Book Series is Titled: 100 Protocols Using LifeWave Patches.

Lifewave Patches Book - 100 Protocols Using Lifewave Patches

A 320 Pages Book, including thousands of Images and a total of of 59,750 words!…

Just imagine…

As soon as I finished the book, I was totally amazed of the word count myself…

I just kept adding and adding everything I thought it would be very helpful to everyone…

But What This Book Covers?, you may ask…

100 Protocols Using LifeWave Patches start by explaining all the most basic principals of applying Lifewave Patches…

From the specific measurement we use to the most simple steps to place a Lifewave Patch

Patch Placement and Measurement Using Lifewave Patches


At Chapter #3 of the book I introduce you all the “Opening Protocols”, which are the same protocols I personally use in most situations…

You see, an Opening Protocol has the primary function of initiating a process we call: “Opening The Channels”, increasing Energy Flow through Specific Acupuncture Meridians or Channels, and therefore promoting Balance…

and here you have all the available Protocols to do exactly that…

To Promote Balance…

all Protocols are very well explained and you have all the images of each Acupoint Position, Page-by-Page, Step-by-Step…


Lifewave Patches Book - Opening Protocols Using Lifewave Patches

Lifewave Patches Book - Opening Protocols Using Lifewave Patches


At Chapter #4, I include a list of the Super Easy & “Quick Fix” Protocols

an excellent section showing you the most basic positions for very specific situations and a simple and tested procedure to patch…

So, up to this point, the book as designed and “Crafted” for those who are really new to Lifewave Patches, specially if you are just starting to patch for the very first time…

showing every step in the most simple way possible…

once again, each Patching Protocol is well explained and you have all the images of each Acupoint Position, Page-by-Page, Step-by-Step…

Lifewave Patches Book - Super Easy Protocols Using Lifewave Patches

Lifewave Patches Book - Super Easy Protocols Using Lifewave Patches


Now, at Chapter #5 I include a total of 50 General Protocols

Here you have the list of most common conditions/situations and a well performing protocol explaining in detail, with images of course, each step of the patching procedure…

In my opinion, this is a great section if you are looking into grow your knowledge and understanding of the “Real” Possibilities of using Lifewave Patches…

Here it’s where I start to introduce more advanced ideas using Lifewave Patches, talking about different Patching Approaches and some techniques I’ve personally been using for several years…

Lifewave Patches Book - General Protocols Using Lifewave Patches

Lifewave Patches Book - General Protocols Using Lifewave Patches


Getting to Chapter #6 might seem a “Giant Leap” for some…

Because at this section I’ve included a compendium of very interesting and useful Advanced Protocols

When I started planning this book I thought to just concentrate on the most simple approaches to patching and not to include (at least at this book) the Advanced Protocols Section. Well, I did ask many of our members to suggest which Protocols they would like to have inside this book and guess what… many suggested a list of Very Advanced Stuff…

So, What’s the difference with all the other Protocols?, you may ask…

It actually goes from Point Selection, to how the Patches are combined, and to me, most importantly, the Concept of how to approach each Condition… You will see the explanations I include in some Protocols.

Lifewave Patches Book - Advanced Protocols Using Lifewave Patches

Lifewave Patches Book - Advanced Protocols Using Lifewave Patches


What I Cover Inside The 100 Protocols Using LifeWave Patches Book

Now, the complete list of Conditions/Situations covered at this book is this:

(Please check if any of the conditions on this list is of your own interest)

Acid Reflux
Acne (Basic)
Acne Rosacea
Acne Vulgaris
Allergic Itching Ears
Allergy (Seasonal)
Anger & Frustration
Appetite Control Program
Asthma (Basic)
Asthma (Advanced)
Athletic Performance Booster
Autism & ADHD
Bell's Palsy
Blood Circulation (Improving)
Blood Pressure (High) - Hyperternsion
Blood Pressure (Low) - Hypotension
Breathing Problems
Constipation (Advanced Series)
Constipation (Chronic)
Cough (Chronic Cases)
Cough With Phlegm & Cold
Cramps (Legs)
Cramps (Whole Body)
Digestive Issues
Improve Your Digestion
Diabetes - Mr. Kok's Variation Protocol
Diarrhea - Handling it Quickly
Ear Infection (Basic)
Ear Infection (Advanced)
Energy Booster (Quick Option)
Eye Issues
Fibroid or Myoma Uteri
Flatulence (Excessive)
Four Gates Protocol
Frequent Urination at Night
Golden Sequence
Good Night Sleep
Gum Issues
GV/CV Ring
Hay Fever
Herpes Simplex Keratitis
Herpes Zoster - Shingles
Hot Flashes
Immune System Booster
Indigestion and Lack Of Appetite
Itchy Throat
Jet Lag
Liver Crisis
Lyme Arthritis
Macular Degeneration
Menstrual Cycle Improvement
Menstruation - (Improving Menstrual Cycle)
Mental Clarity
Mouth Ulcers
Nasal Congestion or Stuffy Nose
Nausea / Nauseating-Car Sick
Nose (Blocked)
Overthinking, Worry and Concern
Panic Attack
Phlegm (Excessive ) & Expectoration
Plantar Fasciitis
Quit Smoking
Restless Legs
Sore Throat
Split Meridians Protocol
Upper Body / Lower Body Imbalance Protocol
Upper Respiratory Infection & Eye Infection
Vaginal Infection – Vulvovaginitis
Water Retention
Watery Eyes & Runny Nose

A total of 101 Conditions/Situations and a Well Over 100 Protocols, because in many cases there are several options for one given condition…

Then Chapter #7 covers a very interesting subject:

How To Start Patching ANY Complicated Situation?

Right here I include the Exact Step-by-Step Procedure I’ve been using for years when I’m presented to almost ANY Complicated Situation…

This is more of a Complete Shortcut using Lifewave Patches

and lastly, at Chapter #8, I’ve added a Very Special Protocol:


Lifewave Patches Book - 6 STEPS REWIRING PROGRAM Using Lifewave Patches


A complete procedure using very specific Acupoint positions and a Mix of Lifewave Patches to achieve exactly that: A Complete Rewire…

This is sort of a "Secret" I have..., a new technique I’ve been personally using replacing completely the “Classic” Lifewave 5 Days Detox, because I can use it during 6, 3 and 2 Days, depending on the situation and the Time Frame I have...

This is and excellent program for situations where Time is a Big Factor…

Now, I Think This Is VERY IMPORTANT:

100 Protocols Using Lifewave Patches is a completely Virtual Book and accessible via your Account at

And There is no Shipping Involved.

Once you log on inside your account at, you will see the 100 Protocols Using Lifewave Patches Book Cover:

Lifewave Patches Book - Getting The 100 Protocols Using Lifewave Patches Book

Just click that and you will be able to get the Book right away…

If you are yet to Join Us, you can do that by creating a Free Account Here and then, you'll be able to get this book once you are logged in...

Now, If you need any help in the process of getting the book or if you have any question, you can reach me here

Thank you very much for being here and I wish you a Happy and Successful Patching!.


Gabriel Diaz Enrico

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